Cobra Update 1-29-15… “Taiwan Conference Report / Solar System Situation Update”

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portal2012_logo_vertical110Just returned and became aware of this update. So here are a few highlights.

Thanks to Kizam for pointing this one out.

Taiwan conference was a huge success. Because Taiwan is one of the main centers of the positive Dragon forces, it could grow a very strong Lightworker and Lightwarrior community. The conference took place very close to the location where Taiwanese Dragon families hid their gold after they escaped from mainland China after WWII… During the conference, we took important physical and energetic steps towards the financial Reset and a new fair and balanced financial system.

ALL physical strangelet and toplet bombs of the Chimera group have been cleared. Only plasma strangelet and toplet bombs are now remaining… As a result…, there was great relief among the Light forces and a lot of intel that was previously classified has now become safe to be released. [

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